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Translation services

We will be happy to translate your texts between a variety of languages. The translations will be thorough and accurate. We only use Machine Translation for validation (backtranslation). If necessary, the layout of the original document will be reproduced.

The translations can be certified (personal translator statement, signature and stamp), and sent back either as a scanned document and/or a hard copy.

Types of text

We are specialised in CVs, research publications, projects reports, thesis, patient records, clinical trials, and in general scientific and technical documents. However, we can translate any type of text.


Translation between UK/US English and French are performed by ourselves (you can consult the ProZ profile of the lead translator). Using the services of our collaborators at Moebius Research, we can provide translation between US/UK English and Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese. For other language pairs, we will identified trusted translators via our professional network, and arrange for a proofreading.