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Translation services

We will be happy to translate your scientific documents between a variety of languages. We have a long experience of document edition and translation. For us, each translation is a full-on project, on which we focus until it is done. We gather in-depth information about the topic, whether a person, a disease, or a device, to provide the best possible service.

The translations will be thorough, accurate, elegant... and performed by human translators. We are professional and make the best use of technology, whether Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, we only use Machine Translation locally to polish our translations, and for validation with back translations (see our blog post on the topic). Our experience provided us with extensive and unique translation memories and glossaries.

By default, the layout of the original document will be reproduced. The translations can be certified (personal translator statement, signature, and stamp), and sent back either as a scanned document and/or a hard copy.

Types of document

We are specialised in documents related to the biotechnology and medical domains, whether in academic research, industry or clinical activity. We translate research publications, projects reports, thesis, patient records, clinical trials, SOPs, adverse events reporting, and in general all scientific and technical documents.


Translations between English (UK/US) and French (FR/BE/CA/CH) are performed by ourselves (you can view the ProZ and translationMastermind of the lead translator). Using the services of reliable expert collaborators, we provide translation between many other language pairs.

For more details on translation services, see our list of services and prices.


"They are fast and are an excellent translator. They have an excellent command of both English and French - as required for my brief. You won't be disappointed!" - K.M., communication manager, United Kingdom

"They have translated a long and complex text extremely quickly, with great flexibility, listening skills and effective exchanges. It will be a pleasure to work with them again." - N.L., research scientist, France

"Excellent translation and I really liked that they gave me suggestions on how to improve my English version!" - N.W., international reporter, Germany

"They are genius! Very fast, reliable, accommodating and provides the best translation. I will definitely work with them again in the future" - N.K., managing director, Ivory Coast

"Thank you for your quick yet professional translation" - D.C., Project Manager, China