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aSciStance Ltd was founded by Nicolas Gambardella Le Novère, an expert in bioinformatics, mathematical modelling and data visualisation. He published research in many areas of computational biology such as molecular phylogeny, molecular modeling, transcriptomics, system modeling and quantitative systems pharmacology. He is also an expert of knowledge representation in the life sciences, including databases, ontologies and standard formats. While his research was conducted in academia, he collaborated extensively with the pharma industry and was consultant for clinical research.

25 years of scientific writing resulted in around 200 publications that were cited over 20000 times. These publications were published in journals as recognised as eLife, Molecular Cell, Molecular Systems Biology, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Communications, Nature Reviews Genetics, PNAS, PLoS Biology, Science. In addition to be associate editor of three peer-reviewed journals, he reviewed articles for countless others.

During 15 years as a group leader, he also wrote grant applications that raised close to GBP 10 millions. His expertise of what constitutes an effective grant application was strengthened by his membership of funding panels for the BBSRC (UK), FRM and ANR (FR), BMBF (DE), SNSF (CH) and ERC Advanced, as well as seating in a dozen of Scientific Advisory Bodies for prestigious institutes and international projects.