Nicolas Gambardella
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Nicolas Gambardella

Consultant in life science research, focusing particularly on data modelling and analysis, and scientific writing and translation. You can hire my services via the company aSciStance. Director of research on leave from the French CNRS.

I am a professional scientific writer and translator, and an expert in bioinformatics, mathematical modelling and data visualisation. I published research in many areas of computational biology such as molecular phylogeny, molecular modelling, transcriptomics, system modelling and quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP). I am also an expert of knowledge representation in the life sciences, including databases, ontologies and standard formats. While I conducted my research in academia, I collaborated extensively with the pharma industry and was a consultant for clinical research.

My activity in document translation started a long time ago since, at the turn of the century, I was a member of the LaTeX translation team. Having worked both in France and the UK, published research in both languages, and sat in official panels in both countries, translation was an intrinsic part of my activity. I am now a seasoned professional translator, having translated and edited over 800 000 words since 2019. My translations are based on my ever-growing expertise and dedicated research performed for each project. I also use Computer-Aided Translation and AI in a supervised manner to improve my translations' quality and speed without compromising the accuracy and the fluidity of the result.

Besides my professional translations, I also translate science-fiction novels, such as the Toucan Trilogy written by Scott Cramer.