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How do we work together?

NB: The following does not apply to writing and translation services. For those, please contact us.

Contrary to many service providers in bioinformatics, we do not provide an off-the-shelf service or software, identical for all clients. Instead, the service provided by aSciStance will be tuned to the needs of the client and will use whatever available resource. We will keep the interaction going throughout the project, including the delivery of intermediate results if necessary. We really want to provide post-doc, trainer or supervisor time "for hire".

Our collaboration will start with a meeting, in person or remotely, during which we will define what your needs are, and what is the best collaborative approach. We will then evaluate if we can provide the required assistance, and how. We will provide an estimated timeline and the associated costs. Note that we do not propose a unique, rigid, mode of interaction. Depending on the extent of the needs, on your timeline, and on our availability, we could decide to cost per task, for a certain amount of hours, or engage in a more open-ended collaboration.

Checkpoints will be established to evaluate the progress we make and discuss modifications you would require. Ideally, we will interact frequently. If needed, we will revise timeline and costs. The keyword is flexibility, through the bespoke aspect of the tasks, and our adaptability over time.

List of services and prices.