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Data analysis

I provide bioinformatics analysis of numerical datasets such as transcriptomics (bulk and single cell RNA-seq, SmartSeq and 10X Genomics Chromium libraries), proteomics, metabolomics or other quantitative measurements. Together we can answer your questions, e.g. what is the effect of a drug treatment on gene expression?

Examples of services include read mapping and counting, analysis and visualisation of large datasets, dimensionality reduction (e.g., PCA, t-SNE, UMAP), feature selection (e.g. differential expression), enrichment, network inference, data alignment and integration, ID mapping, annotation and curation.

The outcome of each project includes the results of the analysis, and if necessary figures for publications and the corresponding code. If relevant, the datasets can be submitted to public databases on behalf of the client.

Each project is different. Please, contact me for a quote. You can use this list of prices as a starting poing.

Training and supervision in data analysis

If you have access to the needed workforce, but without the required skill-set, I offer personal training and supervision to your relevant staff members. This will be uniquely designed and focussed on your needs and aims.


"Wow thanks for this data – It’s very interesting indeed!! Lots to think about, and the code works great! Thank you very much!" - H.D., research scientist, United Kingdom

"Amazing! Thank you - I am having a look now! Thank you for all of this, the plots and the map look really great! These results are exciting." - S.M., research scientist, United Kingdom