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Document proofreading and copywriting

We correct typographical and spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and we provide general language improvement (e.g. sentence structure and choice of words).

Improvement of scientific documents

We improve the impact of scientific texts by making their message(s) clearer, more prominent and easier to grasp. This includes improvement of the general structure of the documents, rephrasing to decrease the word count and make each sentence more readable, and suggestions or redrawing of figures.

Scientific assessment of research documents

For research in biology, we offer an in-depth review of the scientific content of grant applications and research publications, to improve their chances of success. This includes evaluating the science, finding logical mistakes, statistical errors or unconvincing arguments, and provide suggestions to fix them.

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"Thank you for your extensive work. I see the comments, as well as the corrections tracked. Thank you for the corrections and the comments/recommendations. Very big work." - Mikhail V